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What is a QR code?

It is a 2D bar code, and the QR stands for "Quick Response".

All modern smartphones are capable of scanning QR codes and many come with a QR reader pre-installed.

Customers can scan QR codes with their smartphone to get additional product information.

LikeScan QR codes let customers share that information through Facebook and Twitter. Put one on your product today!

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How to use QR Pages

  1. Add product information on
  2. Download and print your QR code
  3. Place it on your product packaging, in your advertisements, or on retail displays
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Why use LikeScan QR Pages?

  • Give customers deeper product knowledge
  • Web analytics/statistics of live, in-store customers
  • Capture leads for future product launches
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Our Story

LikeScan was founded in 2011, incorporating the latest and greatest of web, social and mobile technologies. LikeScan was developed for these important reasons:

  1. Customers want to be informed when shopping. They also like to share deals with friends.
  2. According to Google & Ipsos OTX MediaCT Smartphone Report (Feb 2012), 1 in 5 people make a purchase after looking for local info. Of the countries studied, 24% to 40% have made a purchase on their smartphone and 21% to 32% made an in-store purchase after using their smartphone for research.
  3. Merchants need an easy way to give mobile customers what they want. This allows them to stay competitive.

We want people to get information from you rather than search engines where they can get frustrated or find competitors.

Here are some developments we are excited to offer:

  • When someone finds your products or deals interesting, we make it easy for them to tap "Like", "Tweet", or +1 on their smartphone, where hundreds of people in their social network can find out and also take advantage of those deals. Now people don't have to go out of their way to share.
  • You can update your QR page at any time, even after products are on the store shelf, simply by logging into
  • You can add a "Buy Now" button, converting your QR Page into a mobile store!
  • You can add your own Google Analytics tracking ID to get world class statistics and reporting for your QR Pages.

We have many more ideas in development, and I hope your business will take advantage of the huge marketing opportunity with LikeScan mobile and social marketing!


Frank Forte