LikeScan QR Codes for Business

Connect With Customers

LikeScan allows social interaction between customers and your brand. Make it easy for customers to access your mobile content by adding product information on LikeScan. We generate a QR code for you, which can be used in a number of applications.

Customers can easily pull out their smart phone and scan QR codes on your products. It will take them to a mobile page where they can:

  • Ask questions (does it come in a different model?)
  • View your video tutorial or commercial on their smartphone
  • Make a buying decision sooner
  • Provide feedback (did they find the product easily in the retail store?)
  • Share their new product knowledge by "liking" it on Facebook or "tweeting" it on Twitter
  • Subscribe to your mailing list and learn about future product announcements.

The LikeScan Advantage

Unlike other providers that use proprietary 2D bar codes, LikeScan generates QR codes for you. This means customers can use any free QR app on their iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia or other smartphone, many that come with QR readers pre-installed.

LikeScan makes your product information accessible on mobile phones and shareable on social websites. Consider it your new mobile social website! The best part is, you don't have to spend thousands on developing a social and mobile website. We did it for you!


Product Packaging

It's like a sales rep standing right there beside your product. You can even update the information customers access at any time through

TV commercials

People have short memories. Giving them your website address might sound like enough, but do you think they are willing to run to their computer or pull out their laptop, wait for it to boot or come out of "sleep" mode and if they still remember how to spell it, type in your website address?

In seconds, people can pull a smartphone out of their pocket and scan a QR code in the corner of your TV commercial. Before your commercial is even over, they can tweet about it, "like" it, and bookmark it.

Print Advertising

Advertising space can be expensive, so why not expand that little space into images, information, and even video by including a LikeScan QR code?

LikeScan is not a replacement for your current advertising. We simply want to make your advertising more effective so customers can find the information they want, increasing your bottom line.

Custom Requirements

Third party services can be very rigid. Not us! We are actively working on tools that you and/or your developers can use to make LikeScan can meet your custom needs. Do you have thousands of products? We can give you an easy import tool to add them in seconds. Do you want to customize your mobile pages? We can do that.

Is LikeScan is right for you? Please contact us so you can get the answers you need.

More Details on How LikeScan Works

LikeScan allows you to host "quick response" information online. You simply add details like the name, description, an image, and even a link to a youtube video.

Once you add these details on LikeScan, you are given a QR code image that you can use in the above applications or your own unique applications.

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